Nunca había tenido una relación tan especial, nunca había querido a alguien como quiero a esa Blondie . You are my world and I know we together could make a better one for the people we love if we work strong y nos reímos cada día más más que el siguiente.

“We used to be
The life of the party
Body to body
Dance the night away
Shoot tequila straightObsessed with each other
And down for another
Round until last call
Wasn’t alcoholKeeping us up ‘til the sun came around
Thought we’d stay drunk forever, but nowYou’re the reason there’s no whiskey anywhere inside this house
You’re the reason all my friends know I don’t go downtown
You’re the reason I hate champagne, never used to turn it down
You’re the only thing I want when one drop hits my mouth
But baby, you’re the reason
I quit drinkingWe used to be
Dizzy all morning
Hungover, pouring
Cups of coffee black
Kiss and crawl right backUnder the covers
Down for another
Hour in that bed
Now, I’m here insteadWaking up sober, it feels kind of nice
Except that I can’t sleep…¨

Song @kelseaballerini @thisislany

Gracias por llegar, por aguantarme, por quererme, apoyarme y ayudarme a salir de los momentos difíciles.

La amo

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