I spend most of my time, my days, my months and years with my friends. I work with friends, so I really do spend much of it with em. Also, during the weekend. We call each other on Thursday to plan everything we want to do on Friday and then BOOM, its Sunday again, and we have, each one of us, a wonderful story to tell about how magical the time together was. 

The weekend that just went by is not different, and I’m definitely going to tell you about it. A very close friend from my youth decided it was time to restart the wonderful story we left behind, maybe from having kids or different couples. Maybe jobs that were too time-consuming and the never ending responsibilities that come with the passing of the years. However, we decided to do it this weekend. We met at my friends house on Saturday, and it was a hoot up until 2 am when everybody had to go to bed already. It was your typical social gathering, you know booze, talks, laughter and hugs for everyone involved. And it felt so good that we couldn’t just leave it there, so we decided, all the girls, to throw a second gathering next day at my place. Of course, they made me cook since I’m kind of the master chef of the group. I decided to impress them with some shrimp and a spicy peanut sauce. It was a delight again, but what you, the reader, may not know is that me, the writer, was the only born male around this group of beautiful women. 

I will stress this during my life until I can’t do it no more. The thought that girls night out can’t include a guy like me just doesn’t make sense. I get it, the words exclude me immediately but not the good feeling when I’m around them. We have so much in common… even trashing ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends, using products to take care of our skin, making our nails look beautiful is a magnificent and very relaxing way to spend time with friends too and no guy should be stupid enough to reject something this nice just for fear of being too feminine or “GAY”.

Even though we had several subjects in common that we shared, we spent a long time talking about clothing. I love clothes, and since I was a little person I realized that men’s apparel can be a bit too repetitive. I always envied the fact that girls can go around being sexy and flirtatious while guys seem to get work-like clothing. That’s why nowadays my closet is filled with girly stuff, haha I know “closet” very funny… Anyways, I was eager to show them my clothing collection and I did. They loved every piece that I’ve gotten from the internet, and two of the three had to do some research of course. “Where are these pants from?”, to which I replied “Let me take a look at the tag”, it was Femme-luxe. “Where’s did you get this sweater? The fabric is fantastic!”, it was Femme-luxe .And it seemed as if they were doing it on purpose, every piece they picked was from that same place. 

I’m not here for making advertising I actually do have a special something for the shop. 90% of my clothing comes from them. And now it will do the same for my pals, at least the ones that were here on Sunday.

I just wanted to let my readers know the same thing that I realized that day. Don’t be afraid, if you have a born male certificate, to go out and be a part of girls night out. And if you like to wear whatever it is do it, but do it well. That’s the best way that I’ve encountered. Go ahead be bold, be free, be girly and manly, whatever that means for you and let your personality be what nature intended, and you wanted without giving a fuck of what people are gonna say about you. Stay safe though.

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